December 17, 2014

Christmas and Kaffe

I recently indulged myself with some new Kaffe fabrics when Canton Village Quilt Works had their Kaffe sale for cyber Monday. Secretly I'm telling myself that maybe . . . just maybe I'll go on a fabric fast for 2015 so whatever I buy in 2014 doesn't count and I can stock up. Right?  It's not as if I need any more fabric but I sure do love getting squishy packages in the mail.  : )

If you know Kaffe's fabrics then you know there are lots of reds and blues and I've seen many great quilts using both together. But I was taken by the idea of using reds and greens.  Must be the influence of Christmas.

There's this red/green quilt in Kaffe's book Glorious Patchwork which I have always liked but the green tones were a little dark for my taste. I'm more of a bright to yellow green kind of person.

I've actually never thought of using red and green Kaffe fabrics together myself. I usually work in a more analogous color scheme with his fabrics for some reason. And when it comes to Christmas, my quilts are all quite traditional in color and style as you can see below. I like it that way for the most part, although I would really like to do a modern take on this still-life theme someday.

Call it crazy but I'm just so inspired by the idea of a Kaffe Christmas quilt right now. Of course there's no chance in ___ it will be done for this Christmas.  I do have a design, I have these great fabrics and I'm motivated to at least start. Maybe next year at this time I'll have a finish to share. I said maybe so don't hold your breath. In the mean time I may be adding to this lively fabric combo as time goes on. Oops . . . see I already forgot about the fabric fast. A true sign of an addict. : )  I'm starting some blocks today so this is my WIP of the week. My biggest WIP should really be wrapping presents but playing with fabric seems like soooo much more fun.

How about you . . . do you go traditional or modern for the holidays? What are your favorite colors for the season?

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  1. What you mean we have to choose traditional or modern.................I like both!
    I love your Kaffe fabrics. Working on it now is in the Christmas spirit so even if you just start it that makes no difference if you are enjoying the holiday season by working on it ;) As for the fabric fast...............I try to do that as well and I have slowed down for sure but if the right fabric comes along, or I need something that I just have to get it.

  2. I find your shopping strategy and rationale impeccable, and if you add to that stunning selection NOW, it won't count as breaking any 2015 fabric fast. You've got two weeks left to shop, get to it!

    In deep "use what I've got" mode here, but I did make a mental note to start budgeting now for a Cyber Monday binge at CVQW next year... Jackie has such a fabulous selection, and her bundles are gorgeous.

    Am slightly ashamed to admit that I've done NO holiday sewing in two years... although I have plenty of greens and reds in the stash. Would like to make a tree skirt, but if I even get it started this year that will count as a Christmas miracle.

    Happy holidays!

  3. I love Kaffe's fabrics too! I have a nice collection of FQs but as of yet I have not cut into them. His quilting books are so inspirational. I need an assistant to sew for me like he has!

  4. My Christmas quilts are traditional for the most part....I love your idea! Why don't you start red/green QAL for all of us...that would spur you on and us too!

  5. I just bought my daughter in law a Kaffe book and fabrics for her birthday. So beautiful. Enjoy yours ; )

  6. Love your color choices! This is going to be a great quilt. I haven't made a Christmas quilt for years, and now that I'm in Florida, I really have no need for one. So, it's unlikely I'll ever make another. I will enjoy watching what you come up with though!


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