December 10, 2014

Small Things, Large Things, Other Things

Do you like to sew small items? Or what about large items? Things other than quilts? Do you make clothes for yourself or your children? How about bags, pincushions, pillows, aprons . . . etc?  Do tell, as I'd love to know what else you like to make besides quilts.

Long before I started quilting, I made clothes. Some were for myself, most were for my daughter, plus a thing or two for my son. Then I made lots of things for the house; curtains, table skirts, bed skirts, and of course numerous pillows. The last few years however, I've find it hard to motivate for anything other than quilts. I've made a few pillows and a bag or two but that's it really. This month though, I've devoted time to stitching up some of those "other" things.

I made my very first pin cushion this week. Can't believe I've never made one before but then again I don't use them so why make them. They are terribly cute though and I do like small, cute things so perhaps I'll make more. I think it would be fun to have a collection of lovely little pretties in my studio.  This one was for our Boulder Modern Quilt Guild Christmas party swap. I started with this tutorial and then switched things up a bit. Instead of three layers of felt I only used one for the top. I stitched up two separate four-patches . . . one for the back and one for the petals. Pretty happy with the end results. I wish it were fuller but I used all the walnut shell stuff I had which I got from a friend.

Once it was done I realized two of the four fabrics were the same ones I used last year to make a mug rug for the same guild party. Hmmm . . . what might that mean?

I'm also working on the mechanics of a super-sized tote bag/portfolio for my daughter. She needs something pretty to carry her sign and a few other larger, flat items to her handmade jewelry shows. The cardboard case she taped together is far from pretty and doesn't really function that well either.
Here's the fabrics for the new one and the sad current case below.

Obviously anything will be better looking than all that cardboard and duck tape. I enjoy the challenge of figuring out how to make something. In this case it needs to be a custom portfolio so I'm thinking through all the possibilities. No doubt over thinking is a more apt description but hopefully in the end it will function as needed. With all the little details to figure out, I certainly appreciate even more all those designers writing patterns and tutorials that do all the figuring for us.

I'd also like to make a couple of kitty beds for the two furries. I've heard of using leftover batting and even fabric scraps to stuff a bag so the whole thing can be thrown in the washer. I think I'll use this tutorial and leftover fleece. Right now the furries sleep in an old basket and a box with a towel folded inside. Pretty lame. They're in the works so maybe by Christmas the kitties will have real beds.

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