December 19, 2014

Christmas Projects / Kitty Beds

Well, the kitty beds are finished and they came out pretty well.

I used this tutorial with my own modifications. Rather than felt like the tutorial called for, I repurposed an old fleece blanket that the kitties often slept on in my studio along with some leftover home decor fabric from years ago. For stuffing I used scraps of fleece and batting instead of fiberfill. I want them to be completely washable.

With the multiple layers of fleece and decor weight I had to wrestle the curves quite a bit to sew the sides to the bottom. Using those nifty little red wonder clips would have been easier than pins but I only have 9 of them. Wish I had a big box of 50. Hmmm . . . hint hint family. Christmas gift alert.

Since I was using fleece and home decor fabric I thought the sides would be firmer than they turned out. I wish they had a little more body so they would stand up a bit. They are quite floppy but the sides do roll down nicely . . . just not as stiff as I thought they'd be. Ha . . . what am I saying, they aren't stiff at all. Oh well. If I ever make them again I'll add some interfacing for more shape.

Now if only the kitties liked them . . . . so far they prefer the cardboard boxes.

This may very well be the only real Christmas project I get done. There were a few other maybes on the list but I don't see them happening now. Did you get all your holiday projects done or did you have abandoned ideas too? I always think I'll do so much more than is realistic.

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  1. So funny that they prefer the cardboard boxes - typical kitty style! I like that it has floppy side as cats like to snuggle under and in things, they may love peeping their little noses out. To entice them to their new baskets, try putting a sheet of newspaper on them. Cats love to sit on paper, they should be snuggling in no time ... maybe ... lol :)

  2. Maybe place their familiar towels on top of the new beds for a few days? They will learn to love that stuffed fleece, I'm sure. What lucky kitties!

  3. Kitty beds look awesome! Can you take the boxes away and put those with the towles in them where the boxes were........typical cats!
    Next time you make them could you make the sides a tube that is stuffed to give it more of a firm feel?

  4. Aren't cats funny - why sleep on a beautiful new bed when a cardboard box will do? Hopefully they will appreciate their new cat beds before too long.

  5. Ah, shoot! I was thinking about making one for my grand-kitty, who sleeps in a little basket similar to yours. But now I'll bet she loves her bed just fine the way it is. Oh, well. Great idea! Oh - you might like to see her on IG @copper_kitty. Merry Christmas!

  6. Those are sure cute kitty beds. Makes me wonder if a dog might like one too. :-) Hope you're enjoying a lovely Christmas day with family. Blessings!


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