January 16, 2015

2015 Finish A-Long, Quarter 1

It's high time I finish some of the many many many projects that seem to build up in my studio. My quilting fairies have apparently gone on strike. They are certainly nowhere to be seen . . . and believe me I've looked.  So that just leaves little old me to knuckle down and actually finish a few things.

Finishing is hard for me without a deadline attached. I'd much rather be designing and starting the next project than actually finishing the one I just got cut or pieced. Call it quilter's ADD or whatever, but finishing can be hard. So I'm going to join in the fun (and probably some frustration too) by listing a few projects I'd like to actually finish as part of the 2015 Quarter1 Finish-Along hosted by Adrianne at On The Windy Side. Check it out if you need a little reason to motivate and finish. There are prizes involved just in case that helps you commit. The deadline for signing up is Jan 17th.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

I want to keep it realistic for my first attempt at this. Not to mention QuiltCon will be occupying a bit of my time. So here goes in no specific order.

1.  Blue Matrix;  a baby sized quilt made as an example of design options for my Matrix pattern which also needs to be finished and released. Needs quilting and binding.

2.  Scrappy Matrix; another example for the matrix pattern. Needs quilting and binding.

3.  Tumbler green/gray version. Top almost done. Needs quilting and binding.

Tumbler hot pinks and oranges. This one just needs to be bound.

Do you see a common element here? Most of these are projects are finished tops that just need quilting. Not my favorite part as I've said a thousand times before. But I can do it. I know I can. Especially when the quilt is smaller like the first two on my list. And for the larger sized quilts I have absolutely no problem sending them out to a long armer. Just wish I could afford to have more of them custom quilted but alas, edge to edge will do just fine for most.

So that's it. Four projects, all of which are nearly, but not quite, done. I also have quite a long list of projects to start. So many beautiful fabric groupings pulled and ideas percolating. But I'll save those for next quarter.

Wishing all of you who signed up the best of luck. Wish me luck too.   : )