January 30, 2015

Button Button, Who's got a Button?

I used to love playing the game Button Button, Who's got the Button when I was little. Does anyone else remember playing that? You'd have a button in your hands and pretend to pass it to another person as you went around the circle. Then you'd guess who ended up with the button. I'm probably dating myself but it was a good way for Grandma to keep all us kids sitting down, relatively quiet and calm. And all you needed was one little old button. Life was simple then.

In just three weeks I'm going to play the grown-up version of Button Button at QuiltCon. I ordered a supply of 1" pinback buttons from Wacky Buttons and they were delivered today. WaHoo!!!  I love them. Here's my pile of 100 on the tote bag I'll probably be taking. I didn't plan on them matching my bag, but love that they do.

When I ordered mine, I also got a few for my local guild, the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild. We have a little over 20 members now and at least six of us are going to QuiltCon. I love these too. Of course I'm a little partial to the logo since I designed it.

Can't wait to swap with as many online blogger friends as I can while in Austin. . . or as long as my supply lasts.  If you've got buttons to swap at QuiltCon,  I'm ready to play.    : )

PS if you got a strange blog post from me yesterday, it was my attempt at testing the download for the quilt along templates. Please ignore. The real info and templates will be posted in a few days. Sorry about that. It's going to be a great way to kick off February (which just happens to be my birthday month.)  Hope you're planning on joining in the fun.


  1. I'm super excited to exchange buttons! Can't wait to see you!

  2. I'll look out for you and your buttons Anne, it's a great idea! I'm leaving for the USA on 9th Feb so too late for me to order some.

  3. Thanks for the link to Wacky Buttons -- I'm thinking of doing this if I can pull together a design this weekend. Looks they have fast turnaround. Such a fun swap idea!


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