January 14, 2015

Version Four

Last year I made three different quilts from a new design I was exploring. When I'm working on a design, I find it soooo hard to stop playing and start making. (And of course finishing is a whole different story.)

With this design, there was one particular design option I was anxious to try and my online bee Mid Century Modern seemed like the perfect chance to try out the idea. The great thing about our bee is we work from our stash so I always get so many great fabric combinations. Way more than I could accomplish on my own. I have a pretty large stash but am always surprised when the blocks start rolling in that there are very few repeats of fabric choices among the blocks and just a handful that use fabric I have in my stash. Obviously this makes for some great diversity and a very scrappy look even when the color scheme is limited.

For these blocks I asked for chartreuse to yellow/green with dark gray and low volume. This week I set out to enlarge the overall quilt by filling in with more blocks and balancing out the colors. Yesterday I pulled more greens and grays. These pics look way more green green than what I ended up using.

I proceeded to make quite a mess with said fabrics. As I cut I just toss the fabric aside and move on the next fabric. Needless to say, a pretty big pile develops as I cut. There's something very satisfying about seeing that pile grow. Means I'm making progress.  : )

Now my design wall looks like this.  I'm ready to start sewing the additional blocks. I hope to finish up the top this week. WaHoo!!!

Plus I already called the longarm quilter I frequently use and asked her to pencil me in. Just making that decision to have her do the quilting is so freeing. I'd much rather be designing and sewing up the next design I've been toying with. Too many ideas . . . never enough time. Can you relate?

I'll leave you with a review of the earlier versions of this design.

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What are you working on this week?

On another note . . . five weeks from today I leave for QuiltCon. Are you going?