July 1, 2012

"Fresh Baked"

July means berry pie around here. Not the mouthwatering taste of fresh baked pies even though my husband LOVES cherry pie.  Instead it's the eye catching pie combo of all things fabric fruity. Unfortunately for my family, I'm just not a baker or even much of a cook. I cook because we have to eat. But when it comes to fabric recipes I love to whip up a tasty treat to go with my fruit and veggie dish collection. (You can see my citrus collection here).

Guess you could say I'm a baker with fabric just like I'm a gardener with fabric. I think it's easier and it definitely lasts longer. When July rolls around it's the month of quilted berries. This is as close as it gets to red, white and blue in my house.

A few of the apple collection

The berry collection
I call this quilt "Fresh Baked"  I used lots of apple and berry prints set with some creamy pie crust colored prints to evoke the image of a table full of pies. I think the little red check and a basketweave print for the binding give the feel of a picnic. Now if only it weren't 100 degrees outside and we could actually have a picnic. I also used some buttons in the center of each pie just because I wanted a little hand sewn touch.

Doesn't it make your mouth water?


  1. Your quilts look good enough to eat!
    I love the fresh, color combinations and design, the scale changes and
    fabric choices and the dishes you've collected for a long time.

  2. You're quilts are ” the berries”!!!

  3. The quilt is gorgeous! But your ceramic collection is precious!!


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