July 31, 2012

Straight Line Quilting

I was all set to quilt my Tradewinds quilt today but it's not cooperating at all.
It's the second time I've used spray basting, but I don't think that is the problem.
It's the first time I've used flannel as a batting instead of regular batting. I wanted something thinner because this is a tablecloth and I thought it would actually be easier to manipulate while quilting.

It's heavy and hard to move around. Didn't occur to me that flannel would be heavy.
The layers aren't holding together well so things seem to be slipping. The spray and the flannel are not playing nicely together. Could be the weight, could be the thinness of the flannel.

It's times like these when I don't understand the people who say they love machine quilting. At the moment I really don't like machine quilting at all.

Ah, well. Needed to vent. I will persevere. I'm trying to keep calm and quilt on. Tomorrow is a new month and time for a new fruit and veggie quilt. Hope you'll come back to see my Fresh Tossed salad quilt. But for now I think it's time for a margarita and some Olympics.

At least my kitty is calmly quietly oblivious to my distress. Why she wants to do a face plant while she sleeps is beyond me though.


  1. I know what you mean. I had the same experience when using velvet for my quilt backs and basting spray to hold the layers together. It was impossible to quilt without puckering and causing ugly bubbles. Not sure what to do with that quilt now, sell it for a lot less, give it away? Good luck with your challenge, I hope you'll get through it.

  2. The quilt looks beautiful. I haven't spray basted or used flannel as a batting so I don't have many words of wisdom. Maybe a day or two of rest may teach it to behave a bit better.


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