July 26, 2012

Tetris Block 2

Time for Tetris Block 2. When I started this QAL last week, I thought I would make each week's block over the weekend. That way I could stay focused on work during the week and enjoy a change of pace on Saturday. WELL . . . I couldn't wait till the weekend!

Since the fabric squares are all cut it's just too easy to whip up a block. I have the grid and the basic shapes set up in Illustrator so it's fun to grab the new shapes of the week and play.

When I started, I wasn't sure whether the colors stayed the same for each shape from game to game. Now I know they don't and it's probably for the best. Just in case anyone is wondering, I assigned each of the colors Melissa is using one of my blue/green colors. It's tempting to consider switching it up to suit the block, but I'm going to resist. Here's how my colors correspond to Melissa's.

Don't ask why I didn't leave the green green and the blue blue. It didn't occur to me. And since some of you have asked what colors I'm using they are: Kona cotton in Deep Blue, Pacifica, Lagoon, Jade Green, Chartreuse, Kiwi, Clover and White.

I know the idea of the real game is to fill all the squares so there aren't any "empty" ones, but the designer in me would rather see some empty spaces. The white squares keep your eye moving around because they add sparkle to the block. So instead of reworking the shapes until I came up with an arrangement that fills the entire block, I just let the empty spaces play out. I did try to balance where they occurred though because I didn't really want two empty spaces next to one another. This week I even opted for a block layout that ended up with 5, yes count them 5, empty spaces. Guess I won't win any Tetris games, but I think this livens up the block. What do you think?

Hard to see the difference in the two aqua blues in the lower right from this photo, but there are actually two colors there. Next time I'll probably try to avoid those two colors side-by-side of possible.

Hope everyone is having as much fun playing Tetris as I am.  : )


  1. It looks fabulous!!! I love the colors you are using and totally agree that the white moves your eye around. It looks great :)

  2. I love hearing your design thoughts. You have a real eye for balance and movement!
    <3 em

  3. This looks like fun!! I love the colors here and completely agree about the empty space! Looking forward to seeing your progress.


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