May 19, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Modern Entry

Time for the spring edition of the Spring 2015 Blogger's Quilt Festival hosted by Amy's Creative Side. It's a virtual quilt show featuring loads of beautiful quilts and everyone is invited to hang a quilt (or two) in the show. Do join in the fun.

I'm entering Matrix Blooming into the Modern Quilt category as my second entry for the Festival.

I've never really dedicated a post to this quilt. It's a modern variation on my original design called Matrix. I wanted to explore the use of minimal color while still using the block design as a supporting structure for the composition. The same block was used throughout the entire quilt with the only changes being in the use of color. Low volume fabrics were used to create a ghosting effect in the background. Even the few blocks that are all white were still constructed so the seam lines maintained the basic design elements. Finally, bold print fabrics were stratigically placed in only certain blocks creating a flow of color arcing through the composition. I was very excited to have Matrix Blooming shown in the negative space category at QuiltCon 2015.

Please stop by and visit my other entry, Tumble, in the Original Design category here. Of course I would certainly appreciate a vote for both my quilts in their respective categories. Be sure to visit the quilt show too. You will definitely be inspired.  : )

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