May 6, 2015

Drunkard's Path QAL: Block 5

The start of a new month and time for another Drunkard's Path block for the QAL. This is block #5.

If you're playing along with me, give yourself a big pat on the back!!! You're halfway there now with five of nine blocks done for the QAL. Just four more to go and then it will be time for borders. If you choose to add borders that is. I'm still undecided and will wait until all my blocks are done before committing one way or the other. Right now I'm leaning toward this version.

There are several good possibilities on how to handle the addition of borders. I'll address the border specifics in a later post as the time gets closer. For now though, be sure to check out last month's QAL post, Layout Ideas, to see all the other layout ideas in addition to the one above..

I've found that making one block a month has made this Christmas quilt seem quite doable. Otherwise I'd probably think about a Christmas quilt in November and never get started in time to finish for the holidays. I can definitely see a new Christmas quilt done by December. That's a good feeling.  : )

How about you . . . do you spread out the process? Do you have more than one project partially made at a time? I often have several projects in various stages at any given time. I don't usually stretch out the time when actually sewing the blocks though. Most of the time I do all (or most) of the cutting, then sew all the blocks, then piece the rows into the top.

Once I have a finished top is when the "stretching things out part" really starts.  I'm not known for finishing, finishing, as in a quilted and bound quilt. That's an area I'm trying to improve upon by participating in the Finish Along hosted by Adrianne of On the Windy Side. It's paying off too because I won a gift certificate from The Fat Quarter Shop during the first quarter finishes link-up. WaHoo!!!!

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  1. Simply lovely color choices! This will look amazing when it's finished!

    I find that I actually need to have several projects in the making at a time. I usually run into some kind of problem, dilemma, or design issue that I need the time to think about how I want to solve it. By having several projects in the works, I can slowly process how I want to want to proceed. I also ge a little bored if I work on the same thing for too long, but I am finding that I come back to it when I am inspired to.

  2. I really like the partial DP blocks extended out into the border/sashing. I found some fabric last week that just screamed "Anne" so I bought it. You may already have it, but I'll drop it in the mail anyway.

  3. I hadn't seen DP blocks like this before, a lovely double flower! Your trademark fresh bright colours really shine!
    I tend to have two or three projects on at once these days usually at different stages but then they all tend to back up at the quilting stage and then I make myself finish before starting something new. I have changed, as I used to just have one project from start to finish- being brought up to "finish what you start"! But I'm finding I can break out- why not!

  4. I love the colours Anne. I can't see myself ever making a Christmas quilt as quits are not in use at Christmas in Australia, however I like the layout you have achieved here. I haven't tried a DP block yet but it is on my "to-do" list. I'm one of those "must finish this before I start a new project" people, but I think that may change in future.

  5. This is so pretty. Those colors are so cheery. Love the pattern layout.


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