May 12, 2015

The Color Purple

I wanted to share some of the lovely spring color in bloom around my yard.

Thankfully I took the photos above last week because yesterday my irises looked like this.
Mother's Day in Colorado . . . snow two years in a row.

As I looked through my photos, I realized spring around the yard is dominated by The Color Purple.
Purple isn't a color I frequently work with in my quilts. It doesn't have a big place in my stash and yet I really like it. Here's a couple of fabric pulls that I've been playing with. I can see more purple in my quilting future.  : )

The Color Purple made an appearance in my Cascade quilt pattern. Even though it's not the primary color, purple plays a vital role in establishing the design. Fits in quite well with the garden too.

Springtime also means lilacs. I love lilacs. For the first time we have blooms on the upstart lilac bush that took root in the backyard. Lilacs remind me of my Aunt Lu who frequently made them the subject of a painting. I'm happy to have one of her last lilac paintings done while she was in her 80's.

I've always thought of The Color Purple as a little bit old fashioned. I know that's not really the case, but shades of lavender and violet remind of my Grandmother. She often wore a shade of purple. It also happens to be my birthstone . . . amethyst. This tea cup and the ring on the left are family heirlooms that make me think of Grandma.

The Color Purple plays a big part in my daughter Emily's jewelry. She says amethyst is one of her best sellers. Here's just a few of her amethyst pieces.

Radiant Orchid, a pinkish purple, was the Pantone color of the year in 2014. Purple is definitely
not old fashioned anymore. Here's a little Radiant Orchid paint chip next to my new favorite purple sweater. It's perfect with Emily's necklace in one of my favorite styles . . . her double ring design.
Visit Emily Claire Studios for more purple/amethyst jewelry. She has a brand new shop set up now through her website.

How about you . . . does purple have a place in your stash, your wardrobe or your jewelry?

I love color, so I'm thinking posts on color just might become a regular thing around here. Stay tuned.
For now, I'll leave you with this purple glass sculpture by Chihuly shown last summer at the Denver Botanical Gardens. It was stunning!!!

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  1. Oh wow!! I love purple so this post is a delight for me to read. Look at the gorgeous teapot by the painting - wonderful (I also love old china) and your fabrics - the lovely pansy fabric on the pink/lilac background, I have never seen that before, is it a Philip Jacobs?
    I still haven't made your Cascade quilt yet but this post has given me a gee-up and I will get busy!

  2. My favorite color is green..............and I love to mix it with purple. I make a lot of green and purple quilts, wear lots of green and purple clothes and sometime I will mix blue in there with them as well (all the cool colors on the colorwheel). A new color scheme I have been exploring of late is blue and orange but I am still drawn back to the green and purple as well.

  3. I've never really liked purple, but this year for some reason I'm loving plum : )

  4. I love purple too! But I have SO little in my stash, I think I need to remedy that! Amethyst is my birthstone, so I have always loved it for that reason! And I had to 'pin' your Cascade quilt to my "Just because' board.....just because it is so beautiful!

  5. Even though purple is not one of my go-to colors, the bride's maids wore lavender when I got married all those years ago! Lilacs are one of my all-time favorite flowers. This was a fun post...please do more!

  6. I think the combo of purple with green is what makes this post so appealing. Love that Chihuly garden scene, as well as Emily's jewelry! Beautiful post!


  7. How beautiful. Purple was my grandmothers favorite color. She had lavender rose bushes. And I remember the purple tulips we had in Oklahoma

  8. Purple is my colour. Love this post. I also love the purple and green combination. Yummy!

  9. Purple is my colour. Love this post. I also love the purple and green combination. Yummy!


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