March 17, 2016

Sharing My Greens

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

It seems like a great day to share my greens. Green has been my favorite color for quite awhile. In my house. In my clothes. In my quilting.

I've been thinking about pulling my greens and making a really saturated all green quilt. Maybe using little bits of just about everything I have. Super scrappy and improv.

I've also been toying with a green Kaffe quilt. Who knows where or when these ideas might take shape but it's fun playing around with them.

It might also be time to finally get this green beauty quilted. It's been hanging with the other finished tops for way too long. Hate to admit that far too many of my quilts end up hanging in my cabinet awaiting completion.

Lastly my green checkerboard went off to be quilted this week. I don't have a photo of the finished top but you can get the idea here. It will soon be finished and on my bed. WaHoo!  I'll share finished photos once it's all done.

While you're in a green state of mind jump over to my green color post for even more green inspiration. And while you're at it visit all the other color inspiration posts here.

Hope you enjoyed a little green in your world today. I'll be enjoying a green beer or two tonight. Cheers!    : )