March 30, 2016

Icy Cold / Red Hot

Last week it looked like this outside . . . icy cold.

But inside it looked like this . . .  red hot colors.

Bright little scraps came from these red hot little churn dash blocks.

My March Mid Century Modern Bee blocks were made for Linda.  Each block features red along with one other saturated solid. The colors are so intense they proved hard to photograph.

Hope you like them Linda. You can visit Linda on Instagram at lkhomework. Check out her feed to see more about how she's using all these bright blocks.



  1. The juxtaposition of the bright colors to the snow and cold world is sharp! :)

  2. Your churn dash blocks are hot hot HOT!

  3. So glad that your quilting brought some warmth to that frigid scene. Those blocks look fabulous.

  4. Yippee! Those blocks are red hot,indeed, and they're going to look great in my quilt! Thank you!

  5. Yours turned out very fun! I also love seeing the pile-up of all our blocks together--a fiery, spicy quilt top!

  6. I love the super saturated colors in this blocks, it really modernizes such a classic pattern.


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