March 2, 2016

Small Projects: Pixie Basket

I made a Pixie Basket!

You've probably been seeing these pop up on Instagram and other blogs. They are everywhere and now I know why. They're just so darn cute.

I used this tutorial by Heidi of Fabric Mutt. It went together quickly and is the perfect size to hold wonder clips. I have all 50+ of mine in there and it could still hold a few more. It's also a nice size for mini charm packets, spools of thread, and chocolate. Hmmm . . .  definitely dark chocolate. I made mine as a gift for the founder and outgoing president of the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild.

There will definitely be more of this sewing cuteness in my future. I need to make some just for myself and that dark chocolate.   : )

Have you made a pixie basket? If not you really should. They're just too too cute.