March 2, 2016

Small Projects: Pixie Basket

I made a Pixie Basket!

You've probably been seeing these pop up on Instagram and other blogs. They are everywhere and now I know why. They're just so darn cute.

I used this tutorial by Heidi of Fabric Mutt. It went together quickly and is the perfect size to hold wonder clips. I have all 50+ of mine in there and it could still hold a few more. It's also a nice size for mini charm packets, spools of thread, and chocolate. Hmmm . . .  definitely dark chocolate. I made mine as a gift for the founder and outgoing president of the Boulder Modern Quilt Guild.

There will definitely be more of this sewing cuteness in my future. I need to make some just for myself and that dark chocolate.   : )

Have you made a pixie basket? If not you really should. They're just too too cute.



  1. This sweet basket is on my list too Anne! Even the name is cute! I love your fabric choices- orange, teal and little touch of chocolate! :-))

  2. very cute - on my list of things to do!

  3. Super cute. That Heidi--she designs such cute things.

  4. Cute and useful! Definitely adding at least one to my project list.

  5. Ooooooo you should sell these on your Etsy! So cute

  6. what beautiful things you have here.
    The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
    Snowy greetings

  7. I just made one too! I am inspired to add to my Wonder Clips now...I only have 10! (clicking through from a Quilters Table :)


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