July 22, 2013

Generation Q Magazine, Me, a Giveaway

I'm excited to share my first ever published quilt with you. It's called Flash Card and it's in the June/July issue of Generation Q Magazine.

Flash Card came about when I designed a block as part of Generation Q's Block Builder series. Each issue features a block starter which consists of a few lines. The idea is to take it from there and design a quilt block. The designer in me just can't resist playing along with these challenges. Below left is the starter block that gave birth to the Flash Card block and quilt.

The Block Builder challenge usually gets me thinking outside the normal quilt block approach and as a result, I end up with some pretty interesting ideas. Through the process,  I've also discovered that it's often the simple looking blocks that have the potential to turn into very dynamic quilts. I've had 3 of my blocks make the cut in previous issues so you can see I love to play along. When submitting for this round of Block Builder, the folks at GenQ asked me to make up my block into a quilt for their Spring Market issue. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. I highly recommend giving the Block Builder challenge a try. Maybe your block will become a quilt in one of their upcoming issues too.

Flash Card is an easy quilt to sew and great for using scraps. I used Kaffe Fassett scraps for the block centers. Karen Dovala of the Quilted Moose did the quilting and I just love how the overall floral pattern turned out echoing the floral prints. A light gray thread was just right to show up equally well on both the black and white solids and yet not distract from all the color centers.

As I worked on the quilt, I pondered what to do with the little left over HST. Couldn't let cute little scraps go to waste so I turned them into bean bags and sewed up a pouch to hold them all. Now you can use the quilt as a throw and a game too! The bean bags and pouch became a bonus project that was featured on Generation Q's blog. You can see that project here. My new kittens seemed to love the bag the most. I think it was the drawstrings.

Don't you think those scrap HST made cute little bean bags? I backed them up with 4 different fabrics from the quilt so 4 people could play at a time. 

There are so many different ways this quilt could be made and used. Here's just a few other ideas.
  • Use novelty prints in pairs and turn the quilt into a matching/tossing game.
  • Use different solid colors in place of the prints and have each player try to land their bean bags on a given color.
  • Make the matching even more challenging by changing up both the block center colors and the triangle colors for multiple color combinations.
  • Come up with your very own game plan.

If you don't know about GenQ or haven't seen an issue yet you don't know what you're missing. It's a great small format magazine loaded with quilty information. Here's a sample of what you'll find in this issue:
  • Victoria Findlay Wolfe talks vintage poly quilts.
  • At home profile with Melody Miller, designer of Ruby Star.
  • Test drive basting sprays.
  • Paper piecing basics.
  • The next Block Builder . . . why not give it a try.
  • Plus lots more including Flash Card by yours truly.
Starting with the June/July issue they are now publishing bi-monthly. Head over to their website to find out more and order your own copy. I think you'll like what you see. They are just the nicest people and have been most encouraging to me.

To celebrate my first ever quilt being published I'm giving away a copy. All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me what quilting magazine is your favorite and why. Become a blog follower for a second chance.

Comments are closed. The winner is Rachel at The Life of Riley. Congrats Rachel.

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  1. I have liked Quiltmaker magazine for a long time because they seem to have the most original patterns. I haven't seen Generation Q magazine though -- looks like I need to check it out! Love your quilt, congrats on being published!

  2. Congrats, Anne, I'm so thrilled for you!! The quilt is beautiful!!

  3. Wow that is amazing - well done you! And what a great quilt!! I don't have a favourite quilting magazine - I love them ALL!!!

  4. Well done you - so amazing to be published!!!! I am a follower :)

  5. Congratulations! Lovely quilt, and so inventive.

    I am reluctant to confess this publicly, but I don't read any quilt magazines at all. Not even one. Although I more than make up for it with all the online quilty time that slips into my days! Perhaps winning a copy of GenQ will change my mind?

  6. Great snappy quilt - congratulations on being published. For years I subscribed to Quilters Newsletter Magazine. When we moved to Japan I stopped reading magazines and that's when I started reading so many quilting blogs. But I love magazines and now that I'm living back in the U.S. I plan to subscribe to one or two - thanks for the chance to win a "preview" of Gen Q;).

  7. Fabulous quilt!
    We don't have many decent quilting magazines here in the UK but I have a subscription to Quilting Arts mag!

  8. I do subscribe to American Patchwork and Quilting and love Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks for lots of choices. I have a couple of issues of Generation Q and like it also.

  9. Wow, congrats on being published. I really like the quilt pattern. My tried and true magazine subscription has always been Quilters Newsletter.

  10. Anne, your work is stunning and we're thrilled to be able to have you in our pages! It is our honor, believe me. Thank you for playing with us!

  11. Love your quilt - congrats on your 1st publication! My vote goes for Quiltmaker -Magazine: I like the diversity. Thanks so much.

  12. Great quilt! I don't really have a favorite magazine, but I love quilting blogs. I am addicted to reading them.

  13. Congratulations, Anne! You are so clever!!

  14. Anne, love that quilt pattern! And what a different look could be had with different fabrics - that's my favorite type of pattern. I think my favorite quilt magazine may be American Patchwork and Quilting, but GenQ is becoming a close second now. Also like Quiltmaker and Quilty. Quilty is just great for the new, younger quilter, and we need to keep this tradition going, don't we??

  15. Congratulations!! Generation Q is my favorite!

  16. Anne, Congrats on your Flash Card quilt. I love it. Have to humbly admit I had not heard of Generation Q magazine. Will have to pop over to Barnes & Noble to see this, unless I manage to win. Rather like Quilter's World mag for some of the more modern quilts they have once in a while. Actually I have been trying to cut back on my subscriptions as I was getting way too many. Anne in Pueblo

  17. I love 100 blocks, but it seems to only come out quarterly. I wish it were a monthly publication. It gives me a multitude of ideas that I can turn into a unique quilt just for me!

  18. I follow your blog! Thanks for the giveaway and the inspiration! kmcassie at (gmail) dot [com]

  19. Your quilt is stunning. I always enjoyed going through grandma's quilt magazines, and I remember getting the first quiltmaker magazine. Generation Q has peaked my interest, thanks for giveaway.

  20. Oh, but you've asked a loaded question! I too like "Gen Q" magazine, but I like "American Quilter" too because I write for that one! AQ has some good articles. Heh, heh. Love your design, and your uber-creativity. You are a natural at this stuff.