July 1, 2013


I posted recently about my need to get my scraps organized.
I save EVERYTHING . . . even the tiny tiny scraps and it was out of control.

Today I went from this . . . plus four more plastic boxes I didn't take pictures of.

To these lovely piles of color  . . .

I had a little help from these two . . .

It all fit nicely into these great carts . . .  kitties wondering where all the fun went.

I even threw some away which is amazing for me . . . from now on I'll be more discerning.

Now I'm all set to start something new tomorrow and it feels great.

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  1. How guilt-relieving it is to get one's scraps organized! Good for you! Oh, but don't throw away those "good" scraps! You surely have a local group that will take them off your hands! In Iowa, all of us quilters gave our scraps, batting bits, and thread snips to a group that used them as pillow stuffings - pillows given to people living under bridges and such. Here in Florida, I've found a group that takes them to use as stuffing for beds made for an animal shelter. I bet you could find a similar place.

  2. Sweet eye candy! Love seeing all the colorful scraps of fabric organized into sets. It's definitely worth the time to organize isn't it? Problem with me is it's a never ending battle - sort of like laundry - ha!

  3. Your room looks fabulous, and I love the organized scrap piles. Almost makes me want to get going on some cleaning out (perish the thought!).

  4. Sweet freedom to create again! Your Kitties are so cute looking for their scrap pile!


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