July 15, 2013

Color Choices

Do you ever feel like you make the same color choices over and over again?  I do.

You may already know I love green. Just look at the name of my blog and the banner. Full of greens. As a matter of fact my whole house has a lot of green. You could say it's my neutral color and it actually works quite well throughout the year with the change in decor for the season/holidays.

But seriously . . . here I am again making another cool colored quilt. These are my latest fabrics.

What is it about these cool refreshing colors that I keep coming back too? Perhaps I'm trying to imagine ocean and beaches instead of land locked Colorado. Don't get me wrong. I love living in Colorado, but we certainly don't have much water let alone an ocean beach.

Maybe that's why my pattern Cascade and my Tetris quilt featured cool colors. So did the circle room divider made for my daughter. They all bring a cool refreshing feeling to an otherwise dry climate.

Whatever the reason, I'm sure I'll continue to use lots of green and aquas in future quilts. I've planned for years to make a quilt with my collection of leafy fabrics. These are more traditional, but I still love them. Think forest and the joy of seeing the leaves come back in the springtime.

The next quilt I foresee on the horizon is going to heat things up a bit though. I'm going to use my second favorite color combo of melon/corals with pinks and oranges. How's that for a color description? You might be seeing some of these fabrics soon.

Hot right?  Now you might be asking why there are so many dots in my stash? I think perhaps that's best left for another post.  For now, why don't you go play with some of your favorite colors and tell me what they are and why.    : )