July 8, 2013

Pattern Survey

I'm deep in the midst of working up my next patterns and would love your opinion on a few things.
I'd really appreciate it if you'd take a moment to comment on the following questions. I value your input and really want your experience with my patterns to be the best it can be.

  1. Do you prefer paper or digital patterns?
  2. If you buy a digital pattern, do you use it by viewing on screen or do you print it?
  3. If you buy paper, do you prefer loose sheet format or a stapled booklet format?
  4. Do you buy a pattern with the intention of making the cover quilt pretty much as shown with the same or nearly the same fabrics?
  5. Would you like alternative ideas on how the pattern can be used included in the pattern like those shown below?

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate each little bit of info you're willing to share.

Hope you had a very relaxing weekend and wonderful, safe 4th of July if you live in the States.

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  1. I prefer paper patterns.
    I prefer a stapled booklet format.
    I like to do my own thing with a pattern.
    I enjoy alternative ideas.

  2. 1. I don't have a preference!
    2. Depends on how complicated the pattern is, more complicated I will print it out and make notes
    3. I make it my own, I rarely make the shown quilt
    4. I like the alternate ideas.

  3. 1. I prefer paper, but occasionally buy digital patterns.
    2. When I buy digital, I print it out.
    3. No preference on stapled or loose sheets.
    4. I almost always make the pattern up in my own selection of fabrics. Cover version fabrics usually "out of print" anyway by the time the pattern comes out and gets made by me.
    5. I think it is imperative that the pattern author show alternative fabric combinations and other design alternatives. Showing just one version is lazy and not creative.

  4. 1. I prefer paper...in my hand, can be underscored and contain MY notes.
    2. I print all my digital pattern!
    3. No preference.
    4. Always use my own fabrics and my own color options. It's the pattern I'm most taken with!
    5. The more options, the better! And I love Tips and Shortcuts...like when to chain stitch, good fabric choices and why, and lots of color ideas.

  5. 1. Don't mind digital but prefer paper.
    2. Generally print as computer is in different room to machine.
    3. Loose sheet.
    4. Depends on pattern but normally use my colours but I love, love, love your colours in Cascade - would want very similar.
    5. Alternative ideas - wonderful, yes please.

    Anne in Colorado sewanne@comcast.net

  6. 1. A digital download is the best. I can easily store it until I'm ready to sew.
    2. I prefer not to print, but will do so if templates are included from which to cut pattern pieces.
    3. Loose sheets, but very well numbered!
    4. I never make anything similar to what's on a pattern cover. I don't want what someone else has made, so I always look for ways to "make it mine." (I have never purchased a kit to make anything.)
    5. Yes. Sure like alternative ways to use a pattern. Extra work for the designer (you!) though.

    I bet the responses you receive are so across the board that you won't be able to reach any clear conclusions. But I do wish you the best, as I know you have the design skills that will attract the interest of many quilters, and you'll sell heaps of patterns.

  7. 1 & 2. Unless the pattern is super simple, I like to print it out and keep it with the project (just in case it turns into a UFO, you know). I have purchased both paper and digital patterns...could you offer both?
    3.My favorite is a booklet form.
    4. Sometimes I am so drawn to a quilt by the cover shot, that I might want to choose fabrics with the same color, but never exactly the same.
    5. Alternatives, with pictures, oh yes!

  8. 1. Digital
    2. Screen
    4. No.
    5. Yes!

  9. 1. prefer paper but have been useing digital here lately
    2. Sometimes both depends on how difficult it is
    3. Loose sheet and well numbered but stapeled is also great seems to hold up and last longer
    4. I usually like to choose my own colors and fabrics. I'm just not a cookie cutter type person. I love to keep things interesting and creative.
    5.Yes..love alternatives...Makes a pattern more useful and more likely to use again.

  10. 1. Paper or digital? I like the ease of downloads, but always print them out before starting to sew. If a local shop carries patterns, I do occasionally buy them there, or at quilt shows. I only buy patterns if they are "worth it"--in other words, aren't those easy-peasy patterns of just squares, that I can figure out by myself.
    2. If digital--view on screen or print I print it out (see above).
    3. Loose sheet or a stapled booklet? I like the loose sheet (well-numbered!!) as then I can spread out several steps to look at them. And I like correct spelling and grammar, and well-constructed directions. Not all patterns have those things (yours do!).
    4. Make cover quilt? Rarely. Like someone else said, the fabrics are out of date. But I like using new lines that catch my eye, mixed in with my own stash. I do look at color and value, to get ideas about that.
    5. Like alternative ideas? Yep. That's where yours excel. Well done!

  11. I'm not trying to take the easy way out but pretty much ditto everything Elizabeth said. I love the instant access of digital but then I always print it out. I love very well numbered pages because I sometimes spread them out. I use the cover quilt as an inspiration and like alternatives as a springboard.


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