March 26, 2015

First Quarter, First Finish

I've wrapped up my very first finish for the first quarter of the 2015 Finish Along. That's a mouthful.
This is also my first time participating in the FAL. Quite a few firsts. A couple of years ago I said I was going to do the Finish Along and then nothing. Zip, zero, nada got finished. This year I want to make a more concerted effort to finish at least one or two projects a quarter. I listed four things for this quarter. Yes, knowing myself, four was being optimistic. Two is what will be done. WaHoo!  Let's hear it for two! Any finish is a good thing for me.  : )

Here's my first finish. Right now it's called Tumble. Time may bring a new name. Any ideas?

I confess these photos were actually taken almost a year ago sans binding. Yup. A year ago this quilt was almost done . . . just needed the binding. Why did it take sooo long simply to sew on the binding? I have no idea. New fabric probably beckoned. What can I say?  I know for many of you this doesn't seem like a big finish, but for me it is. I have way too many tops and nearly done things, so to get something totally done is a big deal. I really need to feel this type of total finish satisfaction more often.

This was the first quilt made using a block I designed quite awhile back. I took a scrappy approach and used all kinds of dots from my stash in a very hot palette of pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds. It was quilted on a longarm by Karen of The Quilted Moose. I chose a boxy shape that had a lot of similarities to the block structure and was quite happy with the results. Here's a detail.

For the binding, I used Kona Cerise and inserted sections of striped fabric along each side. I love the extra touch this gives to the edge. Not overpowering, but a nice little spark of added interest.

I found the perfect fabric for the backing. A Michael Miller fabric that has all the colors from the front and is a very cheerful print. Couldn't have asked for a better fit to the quilt front.

Speaking of dots, it's not even funny how many dotted fabrics I have in my stash. (Note to self . . . don't buy any more dots for awhile). Seriously. Although in a QuiltCon lecture by Victoria Findlay Wolfe, she said if something isn't working just throw more polka dots at it. What a fun idea. I could throw a lot of polka dots at my quilts and still have some to spare. Stripes too.

If you ever have the chance to hear Victoria speak . . . go. Definitely go. She is a marvelous speaker. Well spoken, articulate and quite funny, not to mention very talented. It's obvious she loves what she does and it's so beautiful how her work ties in to her childhood with her grandmother. I don't share any history of quilting in my family and am envious of those who do. In my case, it's all starting with me and I need to pass on the love.

I'll be back soon with my second finish for this quarter. If you're playing along, how are you doing with your first quarter list?

If you're not playing and have loads of unfinished projects stashed away (come on admit it . . . I know you do) why not join in the finishing fun next quarter. Just click the link below and find out more.

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