March 19, 2015

QuiltCon, the Magazine

QuiltCon 2015 seems so long ago now. I had the best intentions of writing several posts about the quilts, the classes and lectures, the whole event . . . they just didn't get done.  I also felt a little QuiltCon overload from reading all the other posts and Instagram pics out there. Perhaps it's a little after the fact now, but there are still a couple of things I want to share with you.

Today, it's this sweet little quilt that was in the special QuiltCon magazine put together by the folks who produce Modern Patchwork at F & W Media. It's a small baby sized quilt that's easy to make plus it looks great in any number of fabric/color combinations.

Below you can see my original submission. (please excuse the somewhat fuzzy images). I submitted my concept before making the quilt and provided several alternative color examples as well. My preference was the yellow/aqua version with the large scale prints that you see on the first page. I think this color combo is cheerful and sunny. Plus I would love to see more examples of modern quilts using prints . . . especially large scale prints. Anyone with me?

The magazine chose the pink and gray version. Honestly it's probably my least favorite of the color combos I submitted but it's still a sweet little quilt.

I'd love to make a couple more in other colorways. It really is an easy quilt to throw together. Really. The circles are appliqued using fusible that results in a turned edge so everything is nice and finished. If you'd like to make your own version you can get the magazine here. They are also selling kits of the pink/gray version here.

This is a great issue stuffed full of lots of modern projects plus some good articles. I hope they'll continue to publish these special issues each year now that QuiltCon will be a yearly event.

Maybe next time you'll try submitting an idea.  Seriously . . . go for it!    : )

SpringLeaf Studios


  1. I really love this quilt! So excited you were published in this edition. I roomed with a star at QuiltCon!

  2. I agree with your thoughts on modern quilts using large scale prints, bright ones at that!
    I love your yellow and aqua - just my sort of quilt.

  3. Anne, I agree with you, I like large prints. A lot! The first quilt would have been fabulous, too! Although I love the gray and pink combo :) Is the quilting free hand, or a decorative stitch on your machine? It's so playful and fun :)

  4. I love it in every colour Way! Hope I can find that magazine

  5. What a great little quilt! Congrats on being in the QuiltCon magazine! I saw that quilt and thought, wouldnt that be great showcasing a nice large print?!! So see there! XX!

  6. I really like the quilt you made but your original version with the bright large scale prints is probably my favorite too.


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