March 4, 2015

Post QuiltCon; Getting Back in the Saddle

For so so long QuiltCon seemed very far into the future. Now it's in the past. Time to get back into my sewing saddle and get things done. And if this bad pun doesn't make sense, see last week's silly sewing saddle photo op?

My first week post QuiltCon was kind of a bust due to the combination of snow shoveling and muscle strains that left me hobbling around unable to stand straight. All is well now thank goodness and I'm anxious to get lots of things started.

First up was to get February's Mid Century Modern Bee block done. Carla of Lollyquiltz invited us to a party . . . a layer cake party. Not with layer cake cuts of fabric but with a cute paper pieced layer cake on a stand by Ellison Lane.  People signed up for things like, strawberry with raspberry filling, blueberry with mint filling, and lemon with raspberry filling. Don't they all sound delicious? I'm not much of a baker or cook but a fabric layer cake I can handle. I chose orange cream with mint filling. Yummy!

I'm not sure how Carla will be putting all these cakes together but I do know it will be quite delicious when she's finished. I know they are all making me hungry.

While I was in the bee block groove I went right ahead and made March's block for Cindy of Live a Colorful Life.  She asked for dresden blocks in bright colors with a black and white center. I certainly had fun with this one too. Brights are abundant in my stash and I chose to go with brights and prints combined for some very lively blocks. I ended up making two because they are so fun make.

Now that I'm caught up with bee block making, I can dive into all the goodies that came home with me from QuiltCon. This was my bag emptied out on the desk. Fabric samples, magazines, thread, tape measure, even a watch. I'm toying with an idea to use up all the charm and mini charm packs in a postage quilt. Maybe along the lines of Carla's leaders and enders quilts. She sews little squares together at the beginning and end of her regular piecing and rather quickly has enough little pairs to make an entire quilt. I've just used little scrap strips with no purpose other starting and stopping. Read more about what she calls her free quilt process here.

I also bought fabric . . . of course I bought fabric. When do I not buy fabric?  Island Quilter was there and this is a shop I have longed to visit. I've even schemed vacation ideas that would take us to the Pacific Northwest just so I can go visit the shop and drool over their aisle of Kaffe fabrics. I was quite reasonable I thought and settled for a selection of Aboriginal Dots. This is one line I don't have in my stash. The colors are so hard to judge online so this was a chance to buy a few of my favorite colors in person. They will make a very good addition to all the Kaffe prints I already have.

I also picked up a few of Amy Butler's new line Violette. I've loved this colorway since first seeing it.

A few low volume were thrown in for good measure. I keep collecting these but really really need to start using them. Ideas are percolating . . .

And my last purchase at QuiltCon was an Anna Marie Horner mixed bundle. I've always liked her overall look but not that many individual prints. The colors are little more bohemian to me and not quite my style. This bundle really caught my attention though. I think it will play nicely with a quilt design I have been sitting on for a long while now. Time to start cutting and see how it takes shape.

Ideas are swirling in my head with all these new choices plus all the inspiration from QuiltCon fresh on my mind. Time to sew sew sew . . .  : )

How about you? What are you working on?

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