March 31, 2015

First Quarter, Second Finish

I'm really excited to share my second finish of the quarter for the 2015 Finish Along. It's another version of the quilt I shared here last week. That one was hot and happy, this one is cool and calm.

My Mid Century Modern bee mates pitched in to make several of the blocks. I then filled in the rest, balancing out the colors. It's always so fun to see the fabric choices everyone makes. Rarely are there repeat fabrics and rarely are there fabrics that I have in my own stash. All this adds tremendously to the variety of blocks. I asked for dark grays, lime to chartreuse greens, and light neutrals like these.

Look at all the variety of fabrics. Isn't it fun?

It was quilted by Karen of the Quilted Moose with the same boxy design used for the first quilt. I just love the texture this overall pattern adds. I chose a slightly darker gray thread because I really wanted the quilting to show rather than blend too much.

While I love the look of a pieced quilt back, I don't often take the time to make one. For this quilt it was well worth the effort. Our bee does signature blocks when we make blocks so I wanted to include them on the back as a record of all those who contributed to my quilt. I love my Mid Century Modern Bee!!! Thanks ladies for all the wonderful blocks. You're the best.  : )

Once a quilt is finished, I really enjoy trying to take styled photos. It's not always a success, but it's fun to find great outdoor locations or pull out interesting accessories around the house. I was hoping for some nice spring greens but it's just not quite that green here yet. I'll be trying for more shots once the leaves come out a bit. Does anyone else besides me scout out locations when you're running errands around town? I find myself looking at fences, stone walls, silos, buildings . . . anything that has good texture, color and background for a quilt. Here's what I've taken so far.

I loved this crazy fence. A plain chain link with plastic strips woven through and then this fabulous vine growing all over it. Maybe not the best fit for this particular quilt but I couldn't resist. I may try again with a different quilt and maybe even once the vine has some leaves.

This is the third time I've made a quilt using this block. The other two are shown below. The bright one at the bottom of the photo was blogged about here last week. The top one is from a jelly roll called Highstreet by Moda. Amazing the difference in appearance between these three quilts even though they all use the exact same block. These differences are one reason I have so much fun designing and then exploring variations on a theme.

This design, including many of these explorations, will be part of a new pattern I plan to release in about a month or two so stay tuned.

As a parting note, I named this quilt Tumble Weed because I have been calling the block Tumble since I first designed it last year. At this point in time, the greens remind me of all the weeds sprouting amidst the rocks in our side yard. There's definitely a similarity in the color scheme. The actual pattern name may change at some point, but in the meantime the weeds just keep multiplying. I really should go pull a few but I'd much rather sew.    : )

I'm linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and the 2015 Finish Along.

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