March 11, 2015

WIPs WIPs, Everywhere a WIP

WIPs WIPs, Everywhere a WIP.
I think I hear a song buried in there somewhere. No wait, it is a song . . . signs signs everywhere a sign.  Now that you've got that tune stuck in your head lets move on shall we?

I have so many WIPs I don't know where to start. QADD has definitely taken over and I need help. I came back from QuiltCon so inspired and now I'm brain dead. Focus has not always been my strong point but I'm working on that.

Here's a glimpse into my chaos.

A new project is underway that involved lots and lots and lots of stash busting. Did I say LOTS?  See how the pile grew and grew?  I made an incredible mess pulling fabrics from all over just to audition a wide variety of prints from modern to traditional. Then I cut one 5 x 7 piece from a total of 100 different prints. Putting them away was NOT fun but at least it's done. Now I need to figure out the next stage of the quilt design. Ideas are there but not solid yet.

Project started at QuiltCon in my Improv with Intent class with Cheryl Arkison. I really enjoyed the class. Cheryl was a great teacher and I wish the class had been longer than three hours. I've got some ideas on this one but admit it will be awhile before it surfaces again.

I'm also feeling the pull to finish these scrappy trip blocks and make a quilt for our bed. Traditional leaf prints with a more modern feel is what I'm hoping for.

Which leads to the other scrappy trip I started during my month of the guild bee. Need to wrap this one up so I can donate it.

Then to tip the scales, my Riley Blake challenge fabric arrived today. I really like it for the most part . . especially the bird and floral print. What to make . . . hmmmm

And of course there are the Finish Along goals I set for the first quarter. One done, four to go. I'll be happy to get one more done.

I'll leave you with something I've never shown before. My box of unfinished tops. I'm afraid to actually count how many are in there.  Enough said.  : )

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